Piano Buying Guide for Parents of Young Students

Many parents of young piano students have agonized over questions such as “Do I need to buy a piano for my kid who just started the piano lesson?” “Is digital piano just as good as acoustic piano?” “What is the difference between a digital keyboard and digital piano?” “Can I sell the keyboard/piano for a good price if my kid stops his/her piano lesson?”

We are here to help. This series of articles are co-written by me and my wife. My wife is a music teacher with her own studio (Sunny Wu Music Studio). We bought a grand piano in 2017 after a year of learning the design and manufacture of pianos and all things inside and outside pianos. Throughout this process, I read thousands of online articles along with books on piano servicing, tuning, repairing, rebuilding, and marketing. I am not a piano technician, but I understand what they are talking about. I documented our piano buying journey in a series of blog posts called “Piano Expedition (尋琴記)“.

Here are the questions we will address in this series:


We are not in the piano selling business and we have no business interest with anyone in the industry. We write this article based on our experiences and research on the Internet and in libraries. We do not receive any financial or material benefit for our recommendations. The only compensation we may receive is through the Google AdSense in connection with this article.

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